an English translation of the novel

Page 26-27

“I see. …so essentially, there is a high chance that either the Robber Fly or Millepede Colony was behind the attack?” Shisei Kaburagi pressed.

I glanced at Mr. Kaneko, trying to decide how to answer the question.

“…based on careful analysis of the evidence left at the scene, we’ve determined that the Goat Moths were the attackers.”

“The Goat Moths?” he said doubtfully. “That name isn’t on the list for either faction. And it’s not an independent faction either.”

“The Goat Moths have declared their neutrality for over a decade now,” I answered. “That’s why they are not on the list, but given the present situation, they can be considered allied with the Robber Fly colony. They are a special case.”

I couldn’t bring myself to say that it might have been Satoru and I who brought the two colonies together twelve years ago.

“I see. So that’s how it is!” Koufuu Hino said, a smile appearing on his large face as he looked around at everyone. His bald head shone a ruddy red. “In other words, the problem is this might not end with the extermination of just one colony. This could be taken as rebellion against human rule if the Robber Fly faction was involved in the conspiracy. We might have to stamp out half the queerat population!”

“Well…it’s still too early to say,” Mr. Kaneko said quickly.

But Koufuu’s words had changed the mood in the meeting room. Killing upwards of 300 thousand queerats was a huge deal. That was why the three most important people in the district were here.

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