an English translation of the novel

Page 260-263


Records detail the exploits of close to thirty fiends throughout the world. Apart from two, all have been boys. I think this shows that no matter how much we try, we can’t break the curse that is male aggression.

This student was also a boy. Unfortunately I can no longer remember his name. Although this happened a long time ago, I can still remember every detail, just not the name. That’s always seemed strange to me. Maybe there was some reason I wanted to forget it.

Although there’s also a detailed file on the incident in the library, only the initials YK remain. We don’t even know which letter represents the given name and which represents the surname. We’re not sure why it was written like that, but one explanation was that the old Japanese laws were temporarily revived during the transitional period before the Code of Ethics was enacted. And in it, the 61st article of the youth protection act that was in effect… Well, that doesn’t matter now.

Anyway, we call that child K.

At the time, K was a first year student at Leadership Academy. Leadership Academy is the predecessor to the current Sage Academy. He had just turned thirteen. …that’s right, he was a year younger than you are now.

In the beginning K appeared to be a completely average, inconspicuous student. The first sign of his abnormalities came from the Rorschach test that all new students took. The test is no longer given, but it entails having the student look at an inkblot made from a folded sheet of paper and analyzing their personality from the images associated with the blot.

Based on his answers, it was determined that K was habitually under an unusually large amount of stress. But it was unclear what the stressors were. On the other hand, all of the associations he made with the inkblots were unusually violent. It was likely that the desire for destruction and murder was deeply entrenched in his subconscious. For some reason, his abnormalities were not taken seriously at the time; even his test results raised no concerns until they were reexamined after the incident.

K’s abnormality became apparent as he learned to master his cantus at Leadership Academy.

His ability to manipulate his cantus was average, or just below average. But in situations where normal students struggled, K seemed to come alive. There aren’t any specific examples, but in various competitions where there was the possibility of injuring other people, K continued to use his cantus completely without hesitation.

K’s homeroom teacher quickly noticed this behavior and brought it before the Board of Education multiple times, saying that they should take precautionary measures. But no effective measures were taken. There were a number of reasons for this.

First, the previous appearance of a fiend was over 80 years ago, and the memories of that incident had been largely forgotten. The sense of danger was dulled. Second, K’s mother was known as an outspoken member of the town council. At the time, everything was decided by the town council, so it was extremely difficult to pass any extreme measures on the school. Third, the bureaucratic bodies governing the schools had a widespread policy of peace-at-any-price. Though historically, it’s questionable whether there was ever a time when this policy was not in effect.

And fourth, there were no effective mechanisms to deal with such a situation at the time.

So in the end, nothing was done except to give K regular counseling. He was not dealt with, and was allowed to continue while they watched from the sidelines.

Then one day, seven months after he entered school, it finally occurred.


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