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Page 270-272

I’ve thought about this incident more times than I can count. So I can say with confidence that K was truly the textbook description of a fiend.

Earlier, I said that K’s skill with cantus was average at best. One of the comments on his remaining report cards says “lacks imagination and creativity”. But in using his power for murder he was a genius.

Perhaps it’s a little imprudent to say that. But the ingenuity of his plans put all other fiends to shame, and it was apparent that he had been planning to eliminate the entire town right from the start.

He started by destroying buildings and clogging up the canals. Then he set fire to parts of the town and cut off all but one emergency route. Once these preparations were done, he began his massacre.

People ran around wildly, trying to escape, not knowing that they were already trapped in the palm of K’s hand.

If at the time people had scattered, each running in their own direction through the rubble and burning buildings, a good number could have survived. But no one did. In their panic, everyone ran in the same direction. It’s typical mob psychology. They took the one open path they saw.

The path led them into a forest, where the thick grove of trees gave them a false sense of security. But when chased by a cantus-wielding fiend, this was nothing short of suicide.

Once he was sure that everyone had entered the forest, K created a ring of fire on its outer edge, trapping the townspeople inside. The ring gradually shrank as the fire spread. But true to his fiendish nature, he did not burn them all alive. Instead, he opened up a path in the burning trees.

The townspeople had no choice but to run to their demise like mice in a maze.


“So. Do you still want to hear more?”

I hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

“Even hearing about it is sickening, isn’t it? I can tell from your expression. Why do you want to continue?”

“…I just want to know how K was stopped.”

“Alright,” Tomiko smiled slightly.


Once he had killed every last person in the forest, K returned to the town. He walked around searching for survivors and killing them in an almost trance-like state. It was the beginning of winter and K appeared to have forgotten to dress properly. In the middle of the night, he became aware that he had caught a bad cold.

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