an English translation of the novel

Page 273-274

K first went to the half-demolished town hospital. Though he most likely didn’t expect there to be any doctors there. He probably just wanted to look for medicine. But there was one doctor, trying frantically to save the few survivors who were on the brink of death. That man, Doctor Tsuchida, saved the town. And I happened to be there at the time, so I know the entire story.

Surprised? I was a nurse then. Only Doctor Tsuchida and I were at the hospital with the severely wounded and sick patients when K came.

It was obvious from just one look that he was the fiend. His eyes were different. They were rolled back, not like the so-called sanpaku eyes1, but almost completely rolled back so that you couldn’t see the irises at all. I wondered if he could even see. There was no light in his eyes at all.

His hair looked oily and clumped, and his skin was splotchy. When I realized that it was because of all the blood spattered on him, my legs started shaking uncontrollably.

K walked by me silently and entered the examination room. Without any explanations or threats, he said that he had a cold and wanted medicine. I couldn’t see Doctor Tsuchida, but heard him tell K to sit down.

I entered the room without being called, thinking that I couldn’t leave Doctor Tsuchida in there alone. He glanced at me but said nothing. He opened K’s mouth and examined his throat. It was a bright red color I had never seen before. He must have been in some pain. He also had a fever and shivered constantly as if he had a bad chill.

I can’t say for sure whether it really was a cold or not. As he had slaughtered all those people, he must have breathed in large amounts of blood as it sprayed everywhere. His symptoms could have been some sort of allergic reaction. If that was the case, you could almost say it was revenge against K from those who died.

Doctor Tsuchida spread Lugol’s iodine on K’s throat then told me to go to the farthest storage room to get antibiotics. I hated the thought of using precious medicine on a fiend, but did as I was told and went to find the penicillin. Most of the stock had been used for the wounded survivors, so I had to spend some time searching for more from the pile that was to be discarded for being almost past the expiry date.

So I didn’t see what happened during that time. But from the evidence left, it’s clear what happened.

Doctor Tsuchida had taken the potassium chloride tablets from the emergency medicine cabinet and mixed multiple times the lethal dosage in distilled water. Then pretending that it was cold medicine, injected it into K’s arm.

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  1. Another intense part. >_<

    Thanks for the translation and keep up the great work! ^^b

  2. Thanks so much for translating :D Wonderful as always.

  3. “iris” should be “irises”

    “so I had spend” should be “so I had to spend”

    Also just curious– are you sure that you wanted to use “lethal” and not “legal” to describe the dosage?
    But I guess the doctor just wanted to make sure it was enough to kill the fiend so maybe “lethal” is right. Lol xD

    Well thanks for the translation! :)

  4. Huh, Tomoe didn’t explain that she was the nurse in the anime, did she? Or I might just be forgetting it.


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