an English translation of the novel

Page 273-275

“That’s what I thought too.”

“When I saw it, it made me feel really sick. You guys did as well, right? And not to mention, since Rijin attacked the false minoshiro, he would feel it even more. The reason the fire went out was probably because he lost his concentration.”

“So you mean…that feeling is the effect?” I didn’t quite grasp the point yet.

“It’s the death feedback. Just like the false minoshiro said.

I gasped. Why had’t I realized what he was saying earlier?

“After the false minoshiro shows the image, all it needs is a moment’s pause in the enemy’s attack for it to escape. But for humans, just one moment is enough to trigger the feedback. Though since they’re not attacking a real human, it wouldn’t kill them instantly…”

I was astonished at the depth of Shun’s analysis. {Future research will very likely be based on the death feedback’s vulnerability to the curse of the false minoshiro, or in other words, images generated by false minoshiro.} When you see an image like that, even if it’s an illusion, the idea that you are committing an atrocious act of harming another human lingers in your subconscious. A month or two later, when your rational control weakens, the memory will resurface and the death feedback might just kill you.

“So are you saying he’ll be dead in a month or so?” Satoru asked gloatingly. “For destroying library property.”

“…possibly even earlier than that,” Shun said thoughtfully, looking up at Rijin.

“Isn’t that even better? If he dies, he won’t be able to tell on us for what we did,” Satoru replied.

“Don’t say stupid things like that!” I hissed. “None of us can use our canti now, right? If he does die and leaves us here, how in the world are we going to get back home?

Even though those were my own words, when I saw the fear in their eyes, I shuddered as well. I realized again just how helpless we were.

But if we kept going toward the Temple of Purity, I don’t think we could expect to receive a warm welcome, just as Satoru said. No matter how I thought of it, our “disposal” seemed the only conclusion. Though that may be true, if we tried to escape recklessly, we might end up in an even worse situation. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. There was no way out of the situation.

In this way, two hours passed. Our pace became slower and slower, until it felt like a snail could overtake us. At this rate, I doubted we would ever make it to the Temple of Purity.

There was a noise in the bushes on my left.

Rijin turned around. Leaves and shrubs flew through the air.

Its concealment gone, the creature in hiding were revealed.

“A queerat,” Shun whispered.


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