an English translation of the novel

Page 276-277

I thought back to that day after school where we had seen two queerats almost drown in the canals. This was about two times bigger. Maybe even as tall as I was. It looked as if it hadn’t figured out what had happened yet, sniffing at the air with its wrinkled snout.

“But it seems kind of different.”

I had the same feeling as Maria. It had bows and arrows slung over their backs and was wearing what looked like leather armor. But it was not just its equipment that was strange. Something else was off.

“What’s up with it? It has such an insolent attitude.”

Satoru hit the nail on the head. All the queerats we had seen before definitely didn’t behave like this.

The two Goat Moth queerats we had rescued had been so polite they were almost groveling, even towards us children. In contrast, this queerat showed not an ounce of fear as it stood in front of Rijin’s lotus seat.

Suddenly, it turned and starting shouting.

“Gagagaga! ЖДЮК! Grrrrr. Chichichichichichi. ☆▲Å!”

What followed was unbelievable. It drew an arrow and aimed it at Rijin, glaring with its red, beady eyes.

In an instant both bow and arrow were consumed in white flames. The queerat dropped them with a shriek and tried to run, but Rijin caught it with his cantus and dragged it back kicking and screaming.

“You, a mere beast, dare raise your hands against me?” Rijin said coldly as the queerat made incomprehensible noises.

The queerat’s cone-shaped hat was blown away.

“No tattoo, huh? Where did you come from?”

The queerat bared its yellow teeth and snarled menacingly. It didn’t seem to understand words.

“There are no wild colonies in Japan. So you must be a foreign species,” Rijin muttered.

Like we had done to the tiger crabs, he turned the queerat around to examine it. And he did it again, this time keeping the head still. The queerat let out one last shriek, then went limp as its neck snapped.

Rijin turned back toward us. The queerat’s corpse thudded to the ground.


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