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Page 278-280

“It seems a foreign species has somehow managed to invade our land. Since I’m responsible for bringing you all safely to the temple, this is a somewhat problematic,” Rijin grimaced. “Therefore, you must help as well. Of course, only to the extent that you are able to.”


There was a faint noise and Satoru flinched and spun around to look behind us. The panic on his face was really starting to stress me out.

“If you’re going to turn around every ten seconds, why don’t you just walk backwards?”

“What are you talking about? {Anyway, how can you be walking along so unconcernedly.} Like I said earlier, you’re just totally oblivious,” Satoru snapped back.

“Look at Shun and Maria. They’re at walking at the very front and neither are as scared as you are.”

“You idiot! You don’t understand. The last person is always in the most danger!” Satoru’s face flushed with anger. “Don’t you remember that queerat from earlier was calling to something behind it? Its allies could be anywhere.”

“I know that.”

“Then don’t you think it’s possible they’ll retaliate? And if they do, why would they come from the front? They’d be seen, right?”

I didn’t want to admit it, but he had a very good point.

The reason I didn’t want to admit it was not because I didn’t want to lose to Satoru. Rijin must be well aware of the fact that being rear guard was more dangerous. In other words, it probably meant he thought Shun and Maria were more worth protecting, while Satoru and I were disposable.

But going by this theory, it seemed like the one he valued the most was also the one he was treating the most cruelly, Mamoru.

Mamoru was sitting on the lotus seat. Under the pretense of being lookout, Rijin was floating the seat higher than before, about three meters off the ground. But it was obvious to everyone that he was using Mamoru as a decoy.

Rijin was walking close behind, his sharp hawk-like eyes looking in every direction. He was also sweating profusely, which was caused by the false minoshiro’s projection, but it had gotten visibly worse since he killed the queerat.

“Something’s there!” Mamoru shouted from the lotus seat.

“Halt!” Rijin commanded.

We halted, looking around anxiously.

“What do you see?”

“I can’t really tell, but something…something’s moving. About a hundred meters ahead,” Mamoru replied, his lip quivering.

Rijin appeared to be in deep thought.

“What’s he thinking about?” I asked Satoru.

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