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Page 302-303

As we were walking even more slowly than before, it was well dark before we reached the bottom of the hill.

I was covered in disgusting, cold sweat. My hands were cold as ice, probably due to anxiety.

The queerats stalked us silently, keeping their distance.

According to Shun’s explanations, {making a crucial decision, such as starting a war, involves searching for a suitable focal point. The focal point has to be easily visible, somewhere where nature and awareness converge.}

For example, imagine a hunter with a bow and arrow stalking a deer. The deer runs through the forest, ending up at a riverbank, where chances of the hunter shooting the deer successfully rises. With the change of scenery comes a change in atmosphere; the refraction of light on the surface of the river not only enhances awareness, it also widens the field of vision, so the hunter realizes that he can easily capture the deer. All these factors help to support his actions.

Until now, the queerats’ actions have all been very human-like. That’s why Shun predicted that they would try to use the terrain to their advantage. If their nests were in indeed at the top of the hill, then the spot where the hill and flat ground meet would be a logical boundary.

“What do we do?” I asked Shun. I felt like he was only one we could depend on now.

“We have no choice but to split up when we get to the forest.”

If we stuck together, we’d be an easy target for the queerats. Splitting up would be hard for all of us, but like Shun said, there was nothing else we could do.

“If they start coming at you from a hidden position, just run as fast as you can. It’s all over if they catch you, so try to conserve energy too. Get as far away as you can, then hide. Once you’re sure that the coast is clear, go back to the path we took today. We’ll meet up where the canoes are hidden.”

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  1. Thank you for your hardwork
    I check almost everyday for updates ..i’m really thankfull for your translation :D

  2. I really appreciate your hard work so keep it up! I check almost everyday for your updates they are really good translations so give yourself a pat on your back! :D

  3. Thank you so much for translating and publishing this, it’s amazing. Keep up the great work!

  4. You have no idea how glad I am for your work on the translation of Shinsekai Yori! I recently found it because…well, let’s face it. Even I don’t have enough to buy the novel (‘nor do I know if there’s an English translation out yet–something I have yet to check on), but I’m so glad that I’m able to read the real deal. It’s something the manga and anime don’t capture fully and I’m just in love with this! I’m going to check up daily, that’s for sure.

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