an English translation of the novel

Page 326-327

No one, adult or children, wants to be watched when they’re having an intimate moment with their partner. So when an outsider happens upon a situation like this, the proper thing to do would be to look away and leave as soon as possible.

But then, when the third party isn’t human, there isn’t such an expectation. Once when Maria and I were spending time together on the Hamasaki sand dunes, Shun’s bulldog Subaru was there as well, though I don’t remember how that came to happen.

In this case though, the queerat’s gaze was different from Subaru’s, and felt extremely unpleasant. It obviously didn’t understand the meaning of our actions; all its primitive brain could imagine were obscene  acts as it looked lewdly at us with, saliva dripping from its mouth.

Since I had stopped moving again, Satoru opened his eyes.

“What now? Stop teasing.”

“I’m not. …look,” I flicked my eyes in the direction of the sentry.

Satoru tsked. “Just ignore it.”

“I can’t.”

His fun spoiled, Satoru glared menacingly at the queerat.

“Damn it. That bastard. I’ll deal with it.”

“Without your cantus?”

Sensing mockery in my words, Satoru’s face became sullen. “Even without cantus, humans still have knowledge.”

I decided to keep my scathing retort to myself. “…but there’s nothing you can do. You can’t get out of the cage, and you can’t talk to it since it doesn’t speak our language.”

Satoru thought for a while, then his eyes lit up. I had a bad feeling about this, but kept silent for now. Satoru started rummaging through his backpack.

“What are you looking for?”

“This,” he said proudly, pulling out a white bird’s egg, no, a haythatcher’s fake egg.

“What are you going to do with it?”

When the fake egg is struck, it explodes and what’s called a “devil’s hand” springs out, emitting a foul smell and covering two to three meters of the surrounding area in feces. Be that as it may, the force of the blast isn’t enough to kill. At the most it’ll just enrage your enemy.

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  1. Apparently the queerat wants in the fun as well. :D

  2. You just made me imagine a threesome… veeeeery disturbing! > o <


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