an English translation of the novel

Page 330-331

“…have to run away,” Satoru whispered. “Once they realize we killed this guy, there’s no way they’re gonna let us live.”

“But how do we get out?” I grabbed a rose stem, but jerked my hand back as a thorn pierced my finger.

We would be scratched bloody if we tried to force our way out.

“That’s it!” Satoru pointed at the spear lying near the dead sentry.

His arm just barely fit in the gaps between the stems on the cage door. Satoru emptied out his backpack and used one of the shoulder straps to try to lasso the spear. He wasn’t very good at it, but eventually managed to get the strap looped around the handle and dragged the spear a little closer.

“Let’s switch,” I said, seeing the cuts on his arm, but Satoru shook his head, not wanting to give up.

“Got it!”

Though he finally managed to get the spear, his arm was now covered in blood.

Mimicking the queerats, he used the spear as a lever to try to separate the bars of the cage, but just one wasn’t enough. He needed two spears to get the opening wide enough.

“I guess we’ll have to cut through it.”

As he hacked away at the stems, I realized that the spearhead was made of stone, whereas Captain Pinecone’s spearhead was made of metal.

“Hurry up, or we’ll be found out!” I said anxiously.

“Just a bit more,” Satoru said, sawing as quickly as he could without a word of complaint.

He was usually a show-off, sarcastic, and snapped at the smallest criticism, so I was struck by how different he was right now.

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  1. Sataoru showing off his good side!


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