an English translation of the novel

Page 332-333

Thankfully, the obsidian, or whatever it was that the spearhead was made of, was surprisingly sharp. But it still took Satoru two or three minutes to cut through the stems. We couldn’t afford to lose any more time. Satoru twisted the trailing stems around the handle of the spear and pushed them up.

“Hurry! Get out from here.”

There was just enough space between the stems, so I got down on all fours and crawled through.

Handing his backpack to me, Satoru got ready. It was hard to hold back the stems and get out of the cage at the same time, but he managed. He was a bit bigger than me though, so the thorns caught him in a few places. At this point, he was covered in wounds. It would probably affect him in the long run.

Crouched low to the ground, we peeked through the trees and saw a large group of queerats tracking Shun’s group, but upon straightening up, realized there were only two or three of them. The rest were going in and out of the nest.

“Okay, let’s go.”

We walked quickly and quietly away from the nest, away from where our canoes were hidden on the beach of Kasumaga Inlet, but we would not be able to escape otherwise. After a couple of meters, we broke into a run.

“Which way are we going?”

“Just keep going straight.”

How long has it been since we were captured? The moon was already setting toward the mountains in the distance.

We ran desperately through the dark mountain paths. If we were caught again, I had no doubt that only death would await us.

“Shouldn’t you get rid of that?” I asked, panting.

Satoru was still holding on to the spear as if it were the most precious thing in the world.

“It might come in handy again,” he answered shortly.

I couldn’t help but think about all the bad situations in which a spear would be handy. Especially for two kids who had just lost their cantus and only had this lousy spear for a weapon.

The next forty or fifty minutes passed without event. Even though we were exhausted, we somehow managed to keep going. Fortunately, it didn’t seem like anyone was chasing us, but that just made us more nervous.


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