an English translation of the novel

Page 34-35

Kiroumaru’s clenched fists shook in anger. He looked as though he were about to lunge at Yakomaru, but somehow held himself in check with an iron will.

“But two Spider Wasp soldiers perished,” Mr. Kaneko cut in.

“I assume the loss of a few lives matter not to them. That is the fundamental difference between our colonies and his. For a democratic society like ours, each life carries equal rights, and is an irreplaceable existence in the universe. But the old system serves only the queen, and soldiers are merely disposable tools!”

There was no doubt that Yakomaru was born with a silver tongue. He had evaded all of Kiroumaru’s attacks and sent them right back at him with just a few words. Although everyone here distrusted him to a certain extent, his logic was flawless.

“Do you think what Yakomaru says holds water? You stated earlier that you found the Goat Moths to be the guilty party.” Tomiko said to Mr. Kaneko.

“Yes. …well, common sense would dictate otherwise, but his words cannot be dismissed entirely. I admit we did not consider the possibility of a charade,” Mr. Kaneko said, sounding flustered.

In the end, the meeting was adjourned for the day without having reached a decision. The footsteps of destruction came ever closer, and we had lost our final, precious chance to forestall the impending disaster.


The sight of an army a hundred thousand strong was undeniably majestic. Their armor, painted yellow and black like the hornets they were named after, glittered blindingly in the sunlight. Like a single organism, thousands of banners fluttered to the same rhythm and their battle cry made even the trees tremble.


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