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Page 355-356

“…to be honest, there is a reason I’ve been telling you about all this,” Squealer sat on the ground looking very dignified. “In the past few days of battling with the Ground Spiders, we have lost all the bases that allow access to the outside world. The special envoys we sent to request help from neighboring colonies have probably been caught and executed. In other words, it is a matter of life and death for our colony right now. The arrival of the young gods must be a sign from heaven that we will be saved from destruction. Just like Buddha returning to life from hell.”

Satoru gave me a fleeting look. The conversation was heading in the direction we least wanted it to go.

“I am fully aware that asking the gods to be involved in our lowly affairs is pure insolence. But I must ask for you to save our colony. Please bring down the hammer of vengeance upon these heretic Ground Spiders who fear not even the gods.”

Satoru cleared his throat, “We’d like very much to help you, but we can’t decide these things on our own.”

“Why not? With just one thought, you could destroy them all.”

Satoru chose his words carefully, “Queerats are a protected species so we can’t kill them arbitrarily. We have to apply for extermination of harmful wildlife at the town hall and with the Department of Health.”

“I understand, ” Squealer made a last-ditch effort, “but as it stands, we will inevitably be eliminated. Please have mercy. You don’t need to kill them all. Just a modest attack to break their siege on us, after that we will find a way. Please…”

As Squealer was about to speak again, a messenger appeared and whispered in its ear. His attitude changed completely and he listened haughtily to the messenger. Eventually, he turned back toward us with a slightly confused look.

“I understand. It is late now, so I will ask again tomorrow morning. The two of you must be tired, but will you please meet our queen before you rest?”

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  2. Epic work, thank you. =)

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work and for allowing non-japanese speakers to discover this fantastic story. I really enjoyed reading your smart translation so far and will be impatiently waiting to read the next chapters!

  4. Kristine says:

    Small typo in the last paragraph: “I undertand” => “I understand”.

    Thank you for your work!


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