an English translation of the novel

Page 357-358

“The queen?”

I considered it. On one hand, I wanted to see a queerat queen, but on the other, it was almost daybreak and so much had happened in the past twenty-four hours that I was completely exhausted.

“The queen is in a nearby bunker. She would be very delighted to meet the gods.”

“Alright, we’ll see her for a bit. But everything else waits until tomorrow,” Satoru said, suppressing a yawn.

We followed Squealer through the field. We stopped in front of a particularly large anthill-shaped tower, but I didn’t see the entrance anywhere.

“If you please. It looks dirty, but this is the entrance,” Squealer parted the dry grass, revealing a hole about a meter across.

“What? You go in through here?” I was filled with trepidation.

“It would be better if the queen could come up and meet us,” Satoru said, also sounding a little unsettled.

“I’m deeply sorry. But the tunnel is only big enough for the soldiers, the queen would not be able to exit through here. She is waiting in the hall below.”

Well, we have no choice. It would be a hassle to refuse an audience with the queen now, and since we didn’t have cantus anymore, I didn’t want to start a fight.

Satoru came in after me. It was considerably colder than it had been outside. The entrance was smooth and daubed with clay, and the tunnel itself was made of compact dirt mixed with dried grass, supposedly to prevent slippage. I was afraid I would fall down the vertical shaft, but thanks to the two queerats below us, the climb was easy. The queerats hung onto the walls of the tunnel and slowed our descent like fluffy cushions. The two of us realized that it would be pointless trying gain purchase on the vertical walls, so we basically had to climb down on the queerats’ shoulders.

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  1. Getting creepy. o.0 Fantastic job with this chapter. x

  2. Thanks so much for your translation! I look forward to reading through part 1 when I get the chance.


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