an English translation of the novel

Page 36-37

“Within the hour you shall witness the annihilation of our enemies,” Kiroumaru declared.

Seeing his confidence, I was inclined to believe him.

“I know their battle strategy. Winning is unlikely in a head-on fight, so they will split into smaller platoons to carry out guerrilla tactics and secure better positions. But they are foolish if they think they will win with such a shallow plan. I am going to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.”

“May the fortunes of war favor you.” I felt extremely out of place, holding a stack of papers in the middle of an army. “However, we take a neutral stance in this war. If the enemy advances this far, we will retreat. Needless to say, we will not assist you in any way.”

“I understand.” Kiroumaru smiled his wolfish smile. “But you need not worry. Not even an enemy arrow will make it this far.”

“Okay. Um, the Giant Hornets have a main force of a hundred thousand. The other side, which is allied forces of the Deerfly, Pyraloid Moth, Cabbage Armyworm, Orb Spider, and Leaf Hopper colonies, number 140 thousand. …huh? Why is the Robber Fly’s main army not included?” I asked as I pored over the reports.

“You should ask that silver-tongued coward. But even with superior numbers, I doubt they have the bravery to face us directly. Perhaps they plan to use these smaller colonies as pawns to thin our our forces. Even with all their drivel about being a democratic society, they still send soldiers to their death without a second thought,” Kiroumaru spat.

“I see. Well, please fight to your heart’s desire.”

“I will.”

He gave the signal and his army slowly started advancing. The allied forces, clearly the larger of the two, made a show of moving in response.


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