an English translation of the novel

Page 365-366

“Because I remember it.”

“Really? Because you didn’t remember anything on the way here.”

“Well, that was the path…” I didn’t really want to admit that, but I needed to convince him I was confident. “I remember the place. See? Like those trees.” I pointed to the rowan trees growing off to the side. “You don’t see those around here often, right? That’s why I remembered them.”

“Are you sure?” he asked doubtfully.

“And that rock too. It looks like a snake coiling around itself. It’s easy to recognize.”

“Actually it looks more like a pile of shit,” Satoru said. But he seemed to believe me anyway. “If this is the place, then we’re getting close.”

We started along the slope. Even without any trails to follow, I gradually started recognizing my surroundings. Excited to be on the right track, we sped up.

The hill became steeper. We were now much higher up, and the valley on our left looked like in infinite drop. The snow continued to fall and we were forced to slow down as visibility decreased.

“Where’s that flat rock? The place where Mamoru’s sled fell.” Satoru asked.

“I have no idea. I can’t see it at all,” I answered honestly.

There was nothing memorable on the hill, and the falling snow made everything look different. It wasn’t light, powdered snow either, but big wet flakes that stuck to everything.

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  1. “‘Actually, it looks more like a pile of shit.'”
    Wow; Satoru never seemed like the cussing type to me, but then I remember the way he acted during and before the camping trip, and it clicks. Still made me snort in amusement. *snorts*

  2. “We were forced to low down”
    idk if you meant slow but yeah o.o

    Really appreciate your work and dedication! Love this so much and so happy to find a great translation of the novel thankkkkkk youuuuuuu <3!!!!


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