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Page 365-366

“Queen, wait,” I mustered up all my courage and spoke. “Don’t kill Squealer! He didn’t do it on purpose.”

Satoru squeezed my arm. It was a risky venture trying to placate the raging queen. But if a human god didn’t intervene in this kind of situation, it might arouse suspicion.

The queen was unresponsive for a moment, then casually dropped Squealer. Then she deftly changed directions (it was still pitch black, so I felt instead of seeing her movements), slipped by us and disappeared into the depths of the cavern.

Squealer lay trembling for a while, then gathered himself and turned toward us.

“Thank you for intervening to save my life.”

“That surprised us,” Satoru said hoarsely after a pause.

“But the queen never intended to kill you, did she?” I asked.

Squealer didn’t answer.

“…Gods, you must be tired. I will prepare sleeping quarters, so please rest well tonight.” Squealer picked up the torch and lit it again.

I looked at the chain mail he was wearing and shuddered unintentionally. Metal links had been bitten off and the leather armor underneath had large holes from which blood was seeping out. Squealer was obviously wounded, but was doing his best not to show pain in front of us.


“It’s definitely weird. There’s something strange about the queen,” Satoru whispered in my ear on the way to our sleeping quarters. “Be careful. You never know what’ll happen if you piss her off.”

They had just managed to avoid a malicious foreign colony, only to go home to the rule of an insane queen.

Why was the queen so enraged anyway? Even with that kind of appearance, talking to her was like talking to another female, so it wasn’t unpleasant. Unless it was that she didn’t want us to see her at all?

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  1. They didn’t make it very clear why the queen became enraged in the anime…so it was because she didn’t want Saki and Satoru to see her appearance.

    • Seemed to me like Squealer pretty much said why in the anime while Saki and Satoru were looking for Maria and Mamoru. I can’t give much details because there doesn’t seem to be a way I can hide some spoilers here from other people.

  2. To think the whole third half of the story wouldn’t have happened of they hadn’t asked the queen not to save squealer…


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