an English translation of the novel

Page 369-370

“A roof!”

“Split it!”

We shouted over each other. A terrifying torrent of snow was rushing toward us with the intent of burying us alive, but was diverted by two invisible wedges right above our heads to either side. The snow fell to the bottom of the valley in a glistening shower.

It was over in less than a minute, but felt like an eternity.

The avalanche stopped before we even realized it. Most of the snow on the hill had fallen off and only small dustings of snow continued to trickle down every now and then.

“Saki, are you okay?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Totally fine.”

Both of us had used the image of a gabled roof. Instead of trying to stop the entire mass of the snow coming toward us, diverting its path was a better alternative. Luckily, our cantus did not touch, and the two of us were uninjured. Still, it took us a while to calm down and stop shaking.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…yeah right. Look.” He pointed at the top of the hill.

Now that all the snow was gone, all that was left was the rough, frozen snow from yesterday. If we had caused an avalanche right at the beginning, we would have been able to travel more safely. But there’s no point dwelling on the past.

Soon, we found the place where Mamoru’s sled had fallen. We took the faint animal trail in the bushes up the hill.

“Almost there.”

There were no footprints to follow, but Satoru knew where he was going. At the thought of being reunited with Maria, I sped up unconsciously.

“Huh?” Satoru stopped without warning and I almost crashed into him.

“Don’t stop all of a sudden like that!”



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