an English translation of the novel

Page 373-374

“Let’s run away,” Satoru said.

“To where?”

“Anywhere, as long as we get away from this nest,” Satoru stood up and made to look outside the sleeping area. “Saki, do you remember? The path we took here was pretty complicated.”

“Yeah, maybe. My memory is a little hazy, so I’m not too sure…”

I tried to recall the sequence of turns from the queen’s hall to where we were now.

“I can’t. I know we went left in the very beginning, but after that the directions are all mixed up.”

My sense of direction wasn’t the best to begin with. It’s not so bad when I can repeat the same route multiple times, but even then if I have to reverse the directions in my head, I still get confused.

Satoru crossed his arms, trying his hardest to dig out the memory of the way we took.

“There weren’t many splits in the road. The most was a three-forked path. The first split, we took a left, then a right, after that…what was it?”

“There’s one thing I remember. The path sloped a little downward the entire way here. ”

I remember because it felt like we were being led to the underworld.

“Oh really? I see…we didn’t go uphill even once?” Satoru grabbed my hand. “Then let’s just keep going up. If the path starts slanting down, we’ll just go back to the previous intersection and choose the other path.”

“But not all paths that slope up are the right ones, right?” I brought up the obvious flaw in the plan.

“That’s true, but even if it’s not the path we originally took, if it goes up, it’ll eventually reach the surface, right?”


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