an English translation of the novel

Page 375-376

Is it okay to be that careless? I was starting to have some doubts about Satoru’s judgment. Would it even be possible to retrace our path in the dark? Maybe if we had a rope or something. Even Theseus had Ariadne’s thread to guide him through the Minotaur’s labyrinth

“Hey, can’t we call the queerats and tell them we want to go outside? Because, if we get lost…”

Satoru leaned in close to me. “We can’t explain to them why we want to leave, right? And we can’t predict how they’ll react if they find out we don’t have cantus.”

Listening carefully, I didn’t sense any queerats nearby. It seemed like dawn was the period when their activity was lowest. But the tunnels outside were even darker than the room we were in, like they were submerged in ink. I couldn’t find the courage to step out of the room.

“Hey, isn’t this kind of weird?” I said.

Satoru made an impatient noise. “Nothing’s strange. What’s strange?”

“Why is it brighter inside the room than outside?”

He stopped suddenly, looking surprised. That’s right. It was barely perceptible, but inside the room, I could see movement. But the tunnel leading from the room was pitch black.

“You’re right. …I see. There must be a source of light somewhere!”

We looked around, but didn’t find anything.

Satoru was still holding on to the spear he had taken from the Ground Spiders like it was the most important thing in the world. After ascertaining my position, he started poking around the room with the spear. As he did so, a little pinprick of light glimmered on the spearhead.

“What was that?”

I walked slowly toward the depths of the room. There seemed to be weak light coming from above. I looked up and gasped.

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  1. Thank you for all your lovely work! I’m really happy being able to read this and it’s so well translated! You can be proud to call yourself a pro! I’m happy that there are people like you out there who knows Japanese and can translate this well! Keep up the lovely work!
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