an English translation of the novel

Page 387-388

There was something inside. A metal container that looked like a pencil case. And a thick envelope.

I took out the box first. There was a strange mark on the top that showed a red circle around a big-headed alien-looking creature that had its arms spread wide. A diagonal line through the circle seemed to be stopping the creature from coming out.

I fumbled to open the box for a while before spotting a small button that popped open the lid.

The contents were totally unexpected. It was a cross. About seven or eight centimeters long, made of a glass-like material that had become cloudy with age. That wasn’t the strange part.

A large ring went through the cross, passing through three of the arms. It reminded me of a goat or devil’s horns and the whole thing gave me a bad feeling.

The fake false minoshiro said this was a celtic cross. It was a Christian cross to which the Celts had added a circle signifying the cycle of life and death. But the design of this cross had been created by secret Christians in the ancient civilization when Christianity had been forbidden, and used as a sort of family crest.

I returned the cross to the case and opened the letter. There were a couple sheets folded inside. Unfolding them, I was astonished to find that the paper had not yellowed at all, and the ink was as vibrant as if it had just dried. But I couldn’t read it because it wasn’t in Japanese.

The fake false minoshiro scanned the letter and began translating.

“Exorcism declaration. To cleanse those who have been possessed by the devil, and return to them their humanity, we declare holy war against that most wicked…”

The contents showed the frightening extremes people were capable of reaching when led astray by hysteria and narrow-minded religious fanaticism.


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