an English translation of the novel

Page 391-392

Saint Benedict was a Christian saint from the ancient civilization, whose image engraved upon a medal along with the cross, was said to ward off evil.

“This is the cross of righteousness and redemption. When thrown at the demon, it will release an inert gas that propels the sacred powder. Just the smallest amount will, even a millennium later, kill any demon who inhales it. Hallelujah…”

I closed my eyes and listened to the fake false minoshiro translate all the way to the end. Then I took the cross out of its box again.

A deadly bacterium had been sealed inside for a millennium. Just the thought was enough to make my hands tremble. At that moment, I happened to see the cross from a different angle.

It wasn’t a cross. What I had thought was a celtic cross design was actually the biohazard symbol.

I didn’t think there was any practical reason for the design. Whoever had made this had a seriously twisted sense of humor.

With extreme caution, I put the cross back into the case.

I would have to release the devil from this concrete grave. But this seed of hatred was the only hope I had left.

My legs buckled from exhaustion as I tried to stand up. Maybe I should rest for just a little while. Then I’d try to meet up with Satoru and Kiroumaru, but if that didn’t work, then I’d have to kill the fiend on my own. Either way, I had to get out of here first.

Should I go out through the underwater tunnel again? If I could get back to the boat… It would be hard to steer on my own, but I’d manage somehow. Then it wouldn’t be hard to get back to the meeting point.

No. It was too dangerous–I had no way to defend myself. If I ran into another bristle worm, there would be no one around to help me. The two that had attacked us had been killed, but the scent of Inui’s blood might draw more of them.

But what should I do if I couldn’t go that route? I wondered if I could open a hole from the building to the surface. But everything up there would be under surveillance, and it would be almost impossible to deceive the bird spies. Once I was spotted I might not be able to escape…

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  1. release and inert gas

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. >everything up there would be under surveillance, and almost impossible to deceive the bird spies

    this seems like it’s missing a word, “and it was almost impossible to deceive the bird spies”


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