an English translation of the novel

Page 393-394

Then I remembered the bats. If I timed my movements with the bats coming back into the cave, the sky would be completely blocked out and no one would see me.

What time was it?

“What time was it when we were at the bat cave last time?”

“About an hour and a half from now, yesterday,” the fake false minoshiro answered instantly.

“Wake me up when it gets to that time.”


I leashed the fake false minoshiro to my arm and curled up on the ground. In a second, I was deeply asleep.


A deafening sound rang out. I was instantly awake.

“It is 4:05 am. Sunrise is in 31 minutes. I believe the bats will be returning soon.”

Already? I didn’t feel like I had slept at all. But the fake false minoshiro was probably right.

I sat up and started preparing to leave. Not that there was much to prepare. I had already burned up my backpack, and the only things I really needed were the fake false minoshiro and the psychobuster.

Maybe this was the last time I would wake up. I shook my head to chase away the unpleasant thoughts. There was no point dwelling on it.

Right now, I had to do what I had to do.

I left the cursed room. I thought I could feel the former occupant, the one who came up with that fanatical religious tirade a thousand years ago, watching me as I went.

I went up another floor, to the second aboveground level. Unlike the first floor, over half of it had been flattened and filled with sand.

I tried to find a place that exited closest to the ground outside. It was still dark outside, so I could barely see anything, but eventually found a spot where I could feel a faint breeze. There was a crack in the building wall that seemed to go through to the outside.


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