an English translation of the novel

Page 396-397

“Same here.”

I was relieved that Satoru seemed to have returned to his normal self. {Maybe those who were mentally disturbed were incapable of suffering.}

“I wonder if Maria and them got away okay.”

“Yeah, probably.”

“That’s good.”

That was the end of our conversation.

In the darkness, the only thing that moved was time.

Has it been a minute, five minutes, or half an hour? I jerked awake from a half-sleep.

“Satoru! Satoru!”

“…what?” he answered uneasily.

“It smells. Don’t you understand? The gas has reached us!”

The smell of rotten eggs, same as the one that had been at the exit.

“We can’t stay here anymore. Should we try going ahead?”

“No, this is the highest point we know of. If we go down, it’ll be suicide.”  Satoru thought hard. “You have a better sense of smell than I do, which way is the gas coming from? The exit, or both sides?”

“I can’t figure out something like that.”

I could sometimes tell where sounds were coming from, but I didn’t think I could do the same for smells.

“No, wait.”

I walked a little toward the exit and sniffed the air, then did the same in the other direction. I was glad that Satoru couldn’t see me. I was sure I looked like a queerat twitching its nose.

“…I think it’s only coming from one direction. The place where the exit was.”

“Then we might be able to make it. Let’s try to block up the tunnel.”


“By burying it.”

Satoru stuck the spear into the ceiling and started pulling it down. I couldn’t see him, but from the movement in the air and the chucks of dirt that hit me on the face, I could imagine the effort he was putting into it.

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