an English translation of the novel

Page 408-409

“Over there. Can you see it? There is a hidden cave entrance where that pine tree is growing out from the rock.”

I couldn’t see it even following the direction he was pointing. Nothing moved, and there was only silence around us.

“The Goat Moth colony has dug far and deep into the rock over the years, turning the entire cliff into their stronghold.”

“But where do they go in from?” I still couldn’t see it.

“I don’t know. They must have tunnels extending underground as well, cleverly hiding the entrance. But usually, they drop a rope ladder from the cave entrance up there to get in and out. We can’t see it now because they must have retracted it after learning of our approach. They refuse to communicate with the other colonies, and hide if strangers approach. …but they must know that won’t work this time around.”

Yakomaru called out to a soldiers a the rear of the formation. It wasn’t as strange looking as the Ground Spider mutants, but this soldier had bulging chest muscles, and carried a large tube shaped like a megaphone.

The soldier listened to Yakomaru for a minute, then turned toward the Goat Moth stronghold and started shouting its message. It was so loud I thought my eardrums would burst. Satoru and I clapped our hands over our ears, looking in disbelief as the queerats stood listening as if nothing were wrong.

The shouting continued at such volume that I thought it would start an avalanche. The Goat Moths did not respond.

“Well, it appears we will have to show that we are here in earnest.”

At Yakomaru’s command, the archers formed up and raised their bows.

“Wait, we’re not here to fight!” Satoru objected.

“I agree. But you can clearly see that they are ignoring our summons. In order get these lazy, arrogant creatures to obey, you must scare them into submission.”


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