an English translation of the novel

Page 409-410

Satoru placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me from interrogating Kiroumaru further.

“This is not good..” Kiroumaru said, his nose twitching. “It’s started raining aboveground.”

“Why is that bad?” Satoru asked.

“Usually it’s a good thing since it helps wash away your scent, but right now we want them to follow our scent trail.”

The sound of rain was finally reached our ears.

“This tunnel won’t flood, so don’t worry about that. There are dozens of tunnels deeper underground for the water to drain from…”

Rain was streaming through multiple holes in the ceiling. The sound echoed cacophonously throughout the tunnels.

“Hurry. We need to finish this battle as soon as possible.”

We followed Kiroumaru deeper underground, going from large, arterial tunnels to small, capillary-like ones.

He never seemed to lose his way even for a second as we went down the branching paths.

I could hear Satoru breathing laboriously. His wounds were taking their toll on him.

After a while, the tunnels started sloping upward. The stones became more and more slippery from the rain and we had to step carefully.

Just as I was wondering how long the slope was going to go on, we reached the top. We must have been close to the surface since the rain was much louder here. There was also a faint light coming from somewhere that might have been stronger if it weren’t pouring outside.

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  1. “The sound of rain was finally reached our ears.”

    Should be: “The sound of rain finally reached our ears.”


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