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Page 412-413

“You have my heartfelt thanks! I am overwhelmed with gratitude, for you saved the lives of my soldiers!” Yakomaru bowed deeply. “But as you can see, the Goat Moths are a colony of godless heathens. I will advise them to respond to our summons once more, but if they continue to ignore it, more forceful methods may be necessary.”

Without waiting for us to respond, Yakomaru positioned the megaphone soldier at the front of the troop again. I still couldn’t understand the words, but its tone of voice was even more overbearing and malicious than before. I didn’t think it was a simple message of ceasefire and parley. No doubt it was some sort of ultimatum.

The Goat Moths seemed to be struggling to respond to this unexpected situation. But just as I expected, the Robber Fly’s message had provoked some of the soldiers. A single arrow came flying toward the megaphone soldier.

This time, Satoru and I did not synchronize our movements as well. We both tried to stop the arrow. Space seemed to warp and in the shimmering light, a strange rainbow appeared. It was the interference pattern of two cantus coming in contact. The result of such contact could be unimaginably devastating. We both stopped immediately. The arrow vanished along with the light.

It was an exaggerated defense against a single arrow, but to the Goat Moths, it probably appeared to be a deliberate show of force.

“Gods! The Goat Moths have fired an arrow knowing you are among us. It is blasphemy! Please bring down divine punishment upon them.”

“…but it was just a single arrow. Maybe it was an accident.” I was reluctant to do as Yakomaru said.

“Just one arrow is enough! Just drawing a bow on a god is a crime serious enough to bring annihilation to the entire colony. …furthermore, we have reached a stalemate. If the Goat Moths will not listen to us, we have no way of finding your friends.”

“All right, I understand.” Satoru came to a decision first.

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  1. damn, if only Saki and Satoru realized that they just got hit by Maria most likely Dx the whole thing could’ve been different

    • Why would Maria shoot arrows at them? o_O

      • oh i assumed so because there was a rainbow pattern when it hit, meaning a person did it, so im assuming thats where these two really are, but they probably don’t know Saki and Satoru are there, or are trying to encourage them to go away

  2. But the thing is, don’t you get a rainbow if the forces are opposing? Saki and Satoru are still going in the same direction, even if they messed up their sync a bit. Same with the first time they got hit by a volley, they moved in the same direction, but made no rainbow. Why is it then that a single opposing arrow causes a rainbow then, but not the first time? Also, if the other soldiers really were spooked, wouldn’t mob mentality kick in with fear and another volley be fired? Instead we only have one, and the fact that it flies alone combined with its opposite direction makes me believe a third party is involved and is human. Them being there also explains how Squealer/Yakomaru finds Maria and Mamoru and is able to use their real bones in the Adulthood Arc, and how he was able to take the kid they had, probably even force them to do it by performing a lobotomy on one of them like Saki was fearing earlier when she and Satoru found the queens all vegetables. Teenage Saki being confused and not thinking that it’s a another person hitting them would explain why she thinks it’s Satoru who’s causing the rainbow by hitting her powers, since only Adult Saki knows that you need two opposing sides, not one combined side, to clash and make a reaction.

    • You’re thinking too deeply into this. I think it’s been mentioned that it’s a bad idea in general for two and more Cantus energies to “touch”, even slightly “brush” each other in ANY way – the rainbow pattern happens, and it can lead to tragic consequences.
      Maria and Mamoru simply couldn’t have gone too far. Any other town or village’d not only deny them help, but would actively try to murder them once the news about them on the run were spread by Kamisu 66 (which happened shortly after Saki and Satoru returned alone, or maybe even sooner). So in the end they most likely had no other way but to ask Yakomaru for help, then they got trapped.

      And finally, remember the death feedback. Even thinking about attacking another person for any reason can cause major discomfort to a mentally stable Cantus user. Maria’s psyche wouldn’t be able to cope with the idea of shooting an arrow into her beloved and close friend’s direction, even if it was “just to frighten” them.

  3. Theacefrehley says:

    One of them tries to knock the arrow to the right, the other to the left -> interference


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