an English translation of the novel

Page 413-414

But would it go that smoothly? We all felt incredibly apprehensive, but couldn’t come up with a better alternative.

“This is a bad omen… The rain is heavier than I had expected,” Kiroumaru said, looking up at the ceiling, listening to sounds we couldn’t hear. “The original idea was to lure the fiend through the tunnel and use the psychobuster before we get to the exit. But I am beginning to think that may not be such a reliable plan.”

“Why not?”

“The rain is washing away our scent. We need to force the fiend to come after us no matter what. A better bait…no we need a decoy.”

“Hey, wait just a sec. What do you mean by decoy…” Satoru said, a note of doubt in his voice.

“Let the fiend catch sight of you, if only for an instant, then run into the tunnel. It won’t be able to control itself and come after you.”

“Are you insane? You want us to play tag with the fiend? We’ll be within its striking distance,” Satoru shouted. “It’s impossible. If we stumble for even a second and get into its line of sight, we’re dead.”

“You are both healthy adults. The fiend is just a child. You should be able to run faster than it.”

“Don’t be stupid!”

“There’s another thing. The psychobuster needs to be released at close distance. With all this moisture in the air, the powder won’t be able to travel very far. And if you don’t do it right, it might just stick to the walls,” Kiroumaru continued, ignoring Satoru.

“No way. It’s impossible,” I said, looking right into his eyes.

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  1. >It will forget about me and go after you

    我を忘れて(=理性を失って、無我夢中で)means lose oneself, lose control of oneself or somthing like that.


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