an English translation of the novel

Page 413-414

“Look over there!” I pointed at a hill to the north where I had seen something move.

We both gazed intently, but nothing suspicious appeared.

“Sorry, it was probably just my imagination.”

“No…I don’t think so,” Satoru crossed his arms, still searching the area closely. “That looks like the best place to spread poisonous gas from. Since they’re on a hill and the gas is heavier than air, they don’t have to worry about it going the wrong way. And there are relatively fewer obstacles too.”

He pulled up a few blades of grass and let them fall to test the direction of the wind.

“There’s barely any wind, but it’s coming from the north. So I think we’re right. They have to be somewhere in that direction.”

“Then we should run south!”

Satoru grabbed my arm as I turned around.

“What are you saying? They’ll come after us for sure if we run and we’ll never know when we’ll be attacked from behind.”

“But…” I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. “What do we do then?”

“Isn’t it obvious? We attack first. Unless we exterminate them, we’ll never be safe.”

“But that,” I was at a loss for words. “It’s impossible. You’re the only one that can fight.”

“Even if it’s impossible, we have to do it,” Satoru said resolutely. “You saw what they did to the monk. Cantus is useless for defense. Using it offensively is the only way to stay alive. …but if you’re scared, Saki, you can run. Like you said, I’m the only one who can fight.”

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