an English translation of the novel

Page 415-416

“Impossible? What do you mean?” he returned my look coldly.

“I mean…”

“How many do you think have been sacrificed to get you this far?” Kiroumaru said harshly. “It is understandable that you do not care for the lives of my species. But how many people, starting with Inui-san, have given their lives for you? They all died so you could have this one moment, this one chance to kill the fiend. They trusted you enough to pay the ultimate price. Are you going to waste this one and only chance? Did you come all the way here only to back out like frightened children at the last minute?”

I hung my head in shame, unable to respond

“You still have the chance to kill the fiend and survive. A very good chance, in fact. You just need to have courage in this moment. …if you don’t, you will regret it for the rest of your lives. You may live a little longer, but sooner or later, the fiend will kill you. When that happens, the last thing to go through your minds will be overwhelming regret. Why did I waste the opportunity to kill the fiend…”

His words cut through my heart like a sword.

“…yes. You’re right,” Satoru said quietly. “We came here, ready to lay down our lives, with one goal in mind. Are we going to stop now because we’re afraid? …but what are you going to do? Are you just going to watch while we gamble our lives playing tag with the fiend? That’s convenient for you.”

Kiroumaru’s eyes flashed. “You sound like a spoiled child. ‘Why do I have to die but the queerat doesn’t? That’s not fair. It should die first.'”


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