an English translation of the novel

Page 415-416

Now that he’s said that, I couldn’t run even if I wanted to. I tried reasoning with him, but in the end we still headed north. No matter how much power we had, if the attack came from an unseen location, we were done for. I acted as an extra pair of eyes for Satoru, prepared to warn him of any dangers.

“We’re most likely within shooting range now. Be careful. Let’s try attacking from here.”

We stood in the shadow of a large rock on the hill and looked up.

“Bullets,” Satoru sang out in a strangely euphoric voice.

Tortoiseshell cracks appeared on the top portion of the rock and split it into small pieces.


All at once, the rocks rocketed toward the enemies.

Panic broke out at the top of the hill. Screams of fear and rage from the queerats. They seemed to be scrambling to battle formation. There was the metallic sound of metal on metal, and the twang of bowstrings as they fired back at us.

“Fools,” Satoru snorted.

The arrows that had been traveling in a shallow parabola turned in midair and sped back to the archers like faithful hounds.

More cries of pain.

“I wish I could make a wind scythe, but I guess I’ll have to make do,” Satoru said, sounding like he was making plans for some game.

He glanced back. Forty or fifty meters away, trees were ripped out of their roots and hung in the air.


Six huge trees flew toward the top of the hill. I thought they would smash into the enemy camp, but they simply floated above them threateningly.

Screams rose in a cacophony through the air.

“Hm. They look scared.”

Satoru’s attitude was the same as when he was playing with the pusher during the ball tournament.

“But this is kinda boring. …alright, burn!”

The trees burst into flame, turning into giant torches. Clumps of burning leaves fell onto the enemies.

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  1. Wow Satoru is very good at playing!


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