an English translation of the novel

Page 417-418

“Watch your tongue! How dare you!” Satoru snapped.

“Fine, please suggest an alternative since you don’t like any of my ideas. If you have an idea to kill the fiend that requires me to throw away my life, I will do it in an instant. …or you could kill me yourself right now. There’s only one reason not to. You would have no one left to bait the fiend.”

“But if you lure it here, won’t it just keep chasing you?” Satoru said, sounding remorseful now.

“This is the crucial point. In order to separate the fiend from its guards, you two must be the bait. The fiend will come after you, but the soldiers will be too afraid to. If I were the bait, the fiend wouldn’t be interested.” Kiroumaru shook his head sadly. “I cannot force you. On the other contrary, I would be no more than a worm crushed by your wrath if I were to invoke your ire. …the decision is yours to make.”

My vague doubts about Kiroumaru were still swirling around inside me. {You’d never succeed at anything if you wanted all your plans to be fail-proof, but I couldn’t help but feel uncertain.}

At least now I knew what I needed to do.


It had been two hours since Kiroumaru had taken our underclothes to leave a scent trail.

In that time, we had finished scoping out the entire length of the tunnel that was to be our final battleground.

“It’s in better condition than I expected. The ground is pretty smooth, and there aren’t any rocks or things that could trip us. …the only thing we need to watch out for are the three places where the tunnel splits off,” Satoru said, running through the course in his head. “Are you okay, Saki? Can you remember that?”


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