an English translation of the novel

Page 419-420

“I only get lost when there are a lot of forks. This one is pretty straightforward,” I said sullenly, slightly offended that he considered my sense of direction to be that terrible.

“But we’ll be running in complete darkness this time. If you don’t remember the path perfectly, you might run into a corner or a wall.”

“Can’t one person hold the light? It shouldn’t affect our running speed that much.”

“No, we can’t do that,” Satoru said decisively.

He seemed to have automatically assumed command now that Kiroumaru was gone.

“We’ll be running at pretty much the same pace, but the fiend won’t. If we light the way, then it’ll be able to chase us at full speed. But in the dark, we’ll be much faster since we know the route.”

“Wouldn’t the fiend come with a light?”

“That would be even better. We can put it out and it’ll have an even harder time adjusting to the darkness.”

“Then it might get too cautious and decide not to come after us at all.”

It probably knew we couldn’t use cantus on it. So it would come after us without fear of being attacked. Still, being in complete darkness might make it a little more cautious.

“I guess you’re right. If it decides to give up before getting in the tunnel, the plan would fall apart. …let’s do it this way. You run ahead with a small light. I’ll rely on that to follow you. The fiend will come after us with its own light, so it’ll be going fast.”

So in other words, we were going to play tag on hard mode.

“But come to think of it, this isn’t a bad situation. It’ll be easy to tell how far away the fiend is. …we just have to keep a safe distance and lead it to Screen Rock.”

Screen Rock was where we decided was the best place to use the psychobuster. It was at the end of a path near a thin slab of rock that looked like a folding screen. We would hide behind it to wait for the fiend. Once it got close enough, we’d break open the psychobuster.


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