an English translation of the novel

Page 421-422

The problem was what would happen after. The psychobuster would kill the fiend days later, but wouldn’t knock it out then and there. For a few hours at least, it would be able to move around as usual.

We’d have to do a hit-and-run.

“…wouldn’t it be better for me to carry the cross? Both your arms are injured.”

Satoru seemed to read my mind.

“They’re fine. Besides I’ve always had better aim than you.”


“Think about it this way. Since you’re running ahead, I’ll get infected too if you break open the psychobuster.”

“That won’t happen though, since I’d be waiting for you to get to Screen Rock before I use it.”

“No, I should carry it. If you accidentally trip and break it open, we’re screwed.”

He was trying to joke about it, but I could tell that if worse came to worst, if the fiend caught up to him, he intended to take it down with him.

The rain continued to fall. Here and there, water had completely soaked through the rocks and ran across the floor in little streams. The air was heavy and sticky.

“Can we really do it?” I said quietly.

Satoru looked questioningly at me.

“Can we really…kill another human?”

“Stop!” he said sharply. “Don’t think about it. All we’re doing is breaking open the cross in front of the fiend. It won’t die immediately.”

He was wording it differently because he couldn’t do it with the mindset that he was committing a crime.


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