an English translation of the novel

Page 425-426

I explained my plan. He was the only one who could do it.

“Are you serious? It might not do anything.”

“Isn’t it worth trying just once? We should have a chance right before we use the psychobuster.”

Satoru crossed his arms and considered it.

“…I can’t promise anything.”

That was the most I could get out of him.

“I’ll give it a shot if there’s time. But we’re not putting the original plan in jeopardy. If it looks to be impossible, use the psychobuster.”

“Alright. I know you’re right. Thank you,” I said earnestly. “I really mean it, and I can’t say it enough.”

“I understand…how you feel,” Satoru said, then went quiet.

It seemed like he didn’t want to get into the subject.

There came a clanging sound, like metal hitting stone, from far away. I jumped in surprise.

“That sound…!” I shouted.

Satoru put his finger to his lips.

I heard it again. It seemed to be traveling on some convoluted path to get to us. Part of it echoed down the tunnel while another part seemed to be coming directly through the rock.

“It’s them. The troops aboveground are communicating with the ones down here.”

They were starting the chase. Kiroumaru was the prey.

The next moment, I heard a different sound. A long, distinctive howl like a wolf’s.

“Kiroumaru!” Satoru shouted.

They were getting close already. That was the signal that the fiend had fallen for the bait.

“They’re coming. Let’s get in the tunnel. …we have two, maybe three minutes.”

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