an English translation of the novel

Page 427-428

I wondered if Satoru was going to mock me, but he looked completely serious.

“You mean there’s a trap?”

“I’m not sure…”

I looked suspiciously at the swamp. Bubbles occasionally rose to the surface and I wondered what they were from. Satoru seemed to be thinking the same thing. He levitated boulders over the swamp, dropping them wherever the bubbles surfaced.

They fell with a giant splash and swampy water flew everywhere.

Nothing happened.

“It’s fine. Let’s go,” he said impatiently.


“Mammals can’t stay that long underwater anyway.”

Right now, Satoru had the last say in everything, so we continued forward slowly.

A strange popping sound came from the swamp.

Three otter-like heads floated on the surface, staring at us.

No one could react. The three heads drew out long pipes and blew their darts at us before slipping quickly back under the water, leaving only ripples in the duckweed.

“Damn it. They’re messing with us,” Satoru’s anger boiled over.

The two Robber Fly soldiers that had been hit died instantly from the poison.

“Fine, hide all you want. …I’ll boil you alive.”

The swamp water began steaming like a hot spring.

I’m not sure why I chose that moment to look away. Anyway, I turned to look in the opposite direction of the swamp and saw something unbelievable.

There was a patch of damp sandy ground full of weeds with a little bulge about twenty centimeters high. What was strange was that the swell was moving slowly, as if moles were tunneling underneath it.

I realized with a jolt that there were more than one of these bumps. Four in all were moving slowly but steadily toward us like sharks following the smell of blood.

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  1. :O so the enemy queerats are more clever than i thought ^^ maybe things are about to get more interesting?
    thank you so much for translating ^^


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