an English translation of the novel

Page 429-430

I tried to say something but was frozen with fear. Finally I managed to choke out “Satoru…!” but he didn’t hear me.  I looked back at the steaming swamp right as they caught the enemy. The queerats gathered around let out triumphant yells.

Three boiled corpses floated in the water. They looked more like frogs than otters, with well developed webs on all four feet.

“Satoru. Behind us…under the sand,” I whispered.

He froze. “Where?”

“One right behind us, about six or seven meters. Two to its left. One behind us diagonally to the right.

Satoru turned around at the same time the four diggers emerged.

In a flash, a spout of swamp water washed over them. The formation fell easily as the boiling water crashed down on their heads.

“Hmm. Were the frogs a decoy?” Satoru said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Don’t get complacent. They seem to like using sneak attacks.”

“Satoru, aren’t you tired?”

“Huh? Of course not. This is nothing.”

“Still, you should rest a bit…”

Satoru just smiled in response.

I was concerned because he was drenched in sweat. At that time, I hadn’t thought beyond that simple explanation.

Cantus can supply infinite energy. But in order to do so, you needed immense concentration, and naturally, both our concentration and physical strength were limited.


“Look out!” I shouted as we stood before a bamboo forest.

Something was falling from high in the sky.


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