an English translation of the novel

Page 431-432

“Don’t worry. Everyone, stay where you are!” Satoru stood as if rooted to the spot, staring upward.

The points in the sky gradually grew larger and larger. When I finally recognized that they were boulders, they flew back the way it came as if bouncing off a trampoline.

“They’re still coming!”

The second wave was even greater. Satoru sent all of them flying back.

“Shooting randomly isn’t doing any damage,” Satoru muttered as he broke three of the boulders into smaller pieces and sent them hurtling to where he thought the enemy troops were hidden.

With that, all was silent.

“Did you get them?”

“I dunno.”

The enemy attack stopped. Maybe our retaliation had been more effective than we’d thought. Just then, the third wave of attacks came.

This time they arrived above the forest in a low trajectory. One, two…Satoru deflected the boulders. The gap between sighting and impact was so short that he didn’t have time to block each one individually.

Then one slipped through his net and came flying into our midst.

My blood ran cold. The rock smashed into the ground, sending up huge clouds of dust. Two, three seconds later, sand and twigs came raining down. The remaining queerats scattered like cockroaches.


Satoru didn’t have time to check if everyone was okay. He blocked another boulder that came streaking in.

“Get back!”

We quickly retreated thirty or forty meters to avoid the rock. But as if it had seen us move, the next one came right toward us again. They were sniping us.

“Where are they?” Satoru yelled in frustration. “They’re watching us somehow. Saki, look for them!”


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