an English translation of the novel

Page 436-437

“…isn’t it obvious that something as powerful as cantus can’t be powered by the tiny amount of energy released when glucose is metabolized? So the author proposed two hypotheses about where the energy comes from. The first was that all cantus used in the solar system drew its energy from the sun. I don’t understand how exactly the sun’s energy is harnessed, but by this theory, you wouldn’t be able to use cantus if you were outside the solar system. Or at the very least, the method of activating your power would be completely different. Isn’t that interesting? Though of course, since it’s impossible to prove or disprove this hypothesis, he could just be making it all up.”

“…so using psychokinesis, cantus in other words, steals energy from the sun and decreases its entropy, making it age faster. The sun’s lifetime is supposed to be around five hundred thousand years, but if we keep using our cantus, its death might come much sooner.”

“…the second theory is even harder to understand. In quantum mechanics, the observer effect states that simply observing a phenomenon alters it. This occurs on everything from the microscopic to macroscopic scale. It’s like the false minoshiro said, the existence of cantus was first proven in an experiment by that one scientist.”

“…in short, time, space, physical substances, were all reduced to information. Cantus has the unbelievable power to rewrite the very information that creates the universe. So if you take this idea all the way, it’s possible to completely change the universe. That’s a huge, circular notion. First the building blocks of the universe are created, starting from quarks and building up to the elements, organic matter, and life itself. Then species evolve and develop a complex brain with which they use to transform the universe…”

“…the most fascinating thing is that psychological mechanisms behind cantus are almost exactly the same as those used in shamanism in undeveloped societies. A social anthropologist named Frazer put magic in two categories, contagious magic and sympathetic magic. The latter one is especially…”

“Hey, Satoru,” I interrupted. “Will we forget about Maria and Mamoru too?”

His expression hardened. “Not even if I’m dead.”

“But what if the Board of Education alters our…”

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  1. i love the details and the research that are in this story.
    thanks for the translation!


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