an English translation of the novel

Page 438-439

“I won’t let them do it again,” he said. “They’re dead wrong if they think they can control my thoughts and memories forever. If they try to force something on us again, we’ll just leave town.”


“You’re coming with me, aren’t you?” He looked a little worried.

I smiled. “It’s the other way around.”


will leave the town. And you’ll follow me.”

Satoru looked dumbstruck for a few moments, then finally smiled in defeat.

“Fine. That works too.”

“Hey, if we do leave, let’s look for Maria and Mamoru and live with them.”

“Yeah, of course. Four are better than two.”

“Exactly! And when we find them…” I stopped. I couldn’t speak, as if something were stuck in my throat. My body began to shake, and I burst into tears.

When I finally found my voice, all I could do was wail.

Satoru held me as I cried.


That night we slept together in the snow hut.

It was my first time being penetrated, and more painful than I had imagined. Maria and I had experimented with each other quite a bit, but intercourse between male and female was totally different, and it hurt.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt?” Satoru asked, stopping in mid-motion.

“Mhmm. Wait a little. I’ll get used to it soon,” I answered through gritted teeth.

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  1. ace frehley says:

    If there was any doubt remaining after the anime… now no more :D

  2. I’ve been following this for a while; I found it after watching the anime. Thanks so much for translating!
    I’ve been waiting for this scene forever haha…


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