an English translation of the novel

Page 44-45

We hurried forward under a heavy silence.

Kiroumaru was probably close by, tracking us noiselessly. The reason he hadn’t attacked could be because the Committee’s response hadn’t arrived yet, or that he wasn’t yet aware that Satoru couldn’t use his cantus anymore.

Or, he might simply be waiting for a better place to carry out his attack…

The more I thought about it, the more I felt the pressure of an unseen enemy.

But just as there is no unending night, all hardship must also come to an end. As we continued walking east, the sky began to lighten.

“Dawn…!” Satoru suppressed a shout.

“Kasumiga Bay will be visible soon after we cross that,” Squealer said, pointing to a large snaking river about two hundred meters ahead.

So maybe that really was a wild bird earlier. Just another part of our delusion that Kiroumaru was coming after us.

I felt relief for an instant.

“What…is that?” Satoru had noticed something.

We stopped in terror.

There on the sandy banks of the river, as if expecting our arrival, were a line of silhouettes.

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  1. Great cliffhanger moment to stop at!^^

  2. Indeed tony! I can’t wait to continue reading even though I kinda already know who those silhouettes belong to. ( I watched the anime, but now I’m reading the book.) great story regardless of how it is transmitted, thru writing or other ways.


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