an English translation of the novel

Page 454-455

Then, Squealer spit out a blade he had somehow hidden in his mouth. Gripping it with both hands, he came up behind the other soldier and cut straight through his carotid artery.

Blood spurted out of him like a geyser and he thudded to the ground.

Squealer put the blade between his teeth and deftly cut the ropes around his hands.

“Gods, thank you! Because of you I managed to escape death.”

I glared at Squealer as he rushed toward us.

“The only thing you’re good at is these kinds of lies. You tried to sell us out!”

“I would never think of doing that. It’s a misunderstanding,” Squealer said pleadingly. “If I had the chance, I could have dealt with one of them myself. In any case, aren’t the gods so powerful that these soldiers are mere trifles to them?”

I was about to point out Satoru’s current condition, but held my tongue.

“Even so, it is upsetting that I would be thought of as a traitor. Even if I did betray the gods, they would never go easy on me because of it. As a leader of the Robber Fly colony, once I am captured, my only fate is death.”

“But you can’t deny you pointed out our position to them.”

“I apologize. But if I had not done so, would you not have left me behind? Of course, something like that would not have happened, but worry got the best of me.”

The fight went out of me as Squealer hit bullseye.

“Even though you ran off earlier…” I muttered as a last retort.

“Yes. I have no excuse. I deserve nothing more than death for that. I was afraid. I am a coward. To the gods, I’m just a filthy worm. Less than the spit of a dung beetle’s larva. Lower than the maggots wriggling in a cesspool, vulgar, repulsive…”

“Stop already,” Satoru interrupted Squealer’s unending self-abasement impatiently. “The bigger question is, how do we get out of here?”


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