an English translation of the novel

Page 456-457

Satoru leaned against the bamboo stalks and close his eyes. I was worried about him. He should have reached his limit a long time ago, but since he was forced to use his cantus just now, he had to conserve his energy from now on.

“I agree, but for some reason the Ground Spiders seem to think that the gods are on the west side and are pouring all of their energies into surrounding that area. Because of that, I believe the safest way out is to the east,” Squealer said calmly, as if nothing had happened earlier.

“So there are no enemies to the east?” I wanted to make sure.

“Yes. All the elite soldiers are concentrated to the west. The ones left in the east are the useless ones, like the ones we just saw.”

The world around me darkened.

“So there are some…how many?”

“Altogether about a hundred to a hundred fifty. With little training and crude weapons, they might as well not exist to the gods. It will be just like traveling through uninhabited wilderness.”

I sighed. Our situation seemed to only get worse and worse.

“How should we proceed? If we are to go, we must hurry. If the elite troops realize that the gods are not in the west and decide to return, it’ll be a problem,” Squealer said urgently.

But our fighting abilities were already close to zero.


Was this stupid queerat telling the truth? We were in a lot of danger. I didn’t want to imagine what he would do if he found out that we were essentially useless now.


“Shut up for a second.”

“But, gods, the worst is coming,” Squealer coughed. “There seems to be a considerable amount of soldiers approaching from the west. Could you possibly be planning to break through their ranks?”


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