an English translation of the novel

Page 460-461

A loud whistle shattered the frosty silence.

As if a spell had been broken, we looked around.

“What was that sound?”

I heard it again. It wasn’t from the same direction. They came from different places, like signals being transmitted back and forth through the mountains.

“Gods, gods!” Squealer was beside himself with joy. “Good news! The footsteps are fading. The troop coming from the west is retreating!”

“Why?” I was more confused than relieved.

“Reinforcements! The conch sound is from the Giant Hornet colony. There’s nothing to worry about anymore. The Giant Hornet is the biggest colony in Kanto, with a force over twenty-thousand strong. They’ll crush the Ground Spiders in the blink of an eye!”

Before I knew it, the Ground Spider patrol had vanished.

Were we really saved? I snuck a glance at Satoru, and didn’t see a trace of happiness or relief on his face.


The Giant Hornet colony didn’t win through sheer numbers, but also through their fierceness.

They started out shooting from a distance, but once the arrows ran out, they flung themselves bodily at the enemy. One troop of lightly armored queerats ran swiftly through the concentrated phalanx formation, casting what looked like a net. Once the Ground Spiders were immobilized, the Giant Hornet troop stabbed them with so many spears that the corpses resembled a sea urchin.

Normal sized soldiers charged the three meter tall mutants. They hung on with their teeth as they slashed at the enemy with longswords. No matter what kind of monsters they were up against, the Giant Hornets dispatched them with ease.

“The enemy’s main force has been destroyed. Now all that’s left is to capture the queen,” the commander of the Giant Hornet army, Kiroumaru, said calmly after surveying the battle. “They looked so different that I couldn’t even consider them my own kind, but in end their monstrous appearance was just a bluff. They were not worthy opponents.”

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