an English translation of the novel

Page 462-463

“Isn’t that slightly disrespectful?” Squealer interjected.

“Oh? What do you mean?” Kiroumaru looked down at Squealer, who was about two heads shorter.

Human names are only given to queerats in recognition for their outstanding abilities. Out of all the colonies, fewer than twenty have been named. Even though I didn’t find out about this until much later, I already realized that Kiroumaru had an extraordinary presence. He was taller than us, and outside of the queen and the mutants, was the tallest queerat I’ve ever seen. His long face and slanted eyes gave him a wolfish look befitting his name.1 Although his squinted eyes made it look like he was smiling, it was with the same expression that he tore into his enemy’s throat. Also, all the Giant Hornet members had tattoos on their faces and bodies. Most of them only had a stripe bordering their faces, but Kiroumaru was covered from his eyes to the bridge of his nose in complex arabesque patterns. It added to his strange appeal.

“The Giant Hornet soldiers are undoubtedly daring and resolute. However, the reason you won so easily against the Ground Spiders is that the gods already wore down their strength. If the catapult troop was whole and unharmed, they would have been a considerable threat…”

“The catapult troop was nothing special,” Kiroumaru said dismissively. “It was my first time seeing the weird creatures, but catapults have always been used in sieges. {Their archers were nothing but targets, and we swept the floor with them in hand-to-hand combat.}”

“Still, speaking like that…”

“You are just a civil servant and don’t understand the ways of war. Therefore, I will overlook your misguided pedanticism.” He looked coolly at us. “Although, the Ground Spider’s foolish tactics may well be due to the presence of the gods. As was their stupid plan to concentrate all their forces in front and have no defense in the rear. I, Kiroumaru, am deeply indebted.”

1 The second kanji in Kiroumaru (奇狼丸) means wolf.

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