an English translation of the novel

Page 470-471

Slowly, a huge queerat emerged. It was probably as big as Kiroumaru. I remembered him as I looked at his hammer-shaped head and leather armor covered with a cloak. It was the Ground Spider soldier than Captain Pinecone had reported to. Given Captain Pinecone’s submissive attitude, he was probably the highest commanding officer.

As Hammerhead stood and looked around calmly, his eyes fell on us. He spread out both hands to show he was unarmed, and called out something in a surprisingly dainty voice.

“Hn,” Kiroumaru snorted.

“What did he say?” I asked.

His smile widened, “It’s a dialect, so I don’t understand completely. Our language differs by country and region. But basically, he wants us to spare the queen if they surrender.”

“So you’ll help her?”

“Not a chance,” he narrowed his eyes. “Surrendering now is completely ridiculous, and sparing the queen in a war between colonies is impossible. Even an idiot like him should know this.”

Hammerhead continued talking.

“He wants to have a conference with us. Important information in return for the queen’s life. Let’s see what he has to say for the time being,” Kiroumarou went forward, still smiling.

Maybe the Ground Spider commander knew something about Shun and the others. Just as I thought that, something came out of the nest and hid behind Hammerhead’s cloak. Kiroumaru stopped immediately. But as he saw the thing peek out behind Hammerhead, he relaxed and continued forward.

Certainly, anyone who didn’t know what it was would think it was just two large dogs. they had stout bodies covered in bristly black hair and abnormally small heads that hovered just above the ground.


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