an English translation of the novel

Page 472-473

“Blowdogs…!” I tried to scream, but only a hoarse whisper came out.

Kiroumaru was only six or seven meters away from Hammerhead.

Suddenly, the scene of Rijin’s death resurfaced as vividly as if it were happening right now.


The blowdog inflated. Its coarse black hair spread out and white lines of light showed between the bristles. If this warning was ignored, it would puff up one last time. Right before it died, its eyes rolled back in its head and saliva dripped from its mouth, a look of indescribable ecstasy on its face. As it reached its limit, the skin was stretched so thin that you could see through it in some places. Inside it, small blue and white sparks danced. (This was the first time I clearly saw the instant that the explosive powder in its body was ignited.)

Then the blowdog exploded.

The skin on its back was torn into pieces, and its head, still with a Cheshire Cat smile, was blown away in the blast. However, the shockwave kicked up great clouds of dust, expanding outward at increasingly high speeds. The blowdog’s sharp bone shards tore into Rijin and his body was shredded as if it had been scraped away by a coarse file.


I snapped back to reality. I thought I two or three minutes had passed, but it was actually only a second or two.

The blowdogs made their way in front of Hammerhead. Kiroumaru halted again. As if he sensed danger, he backed up nimbly. However, his honor as commander caused him to move just a second too late.

Skipping its final warning completely, the blowdogs went straight to inflating themselvs to the point of explosion.

“Satoru!” I gripped his arms tightly.

He opened his eyes.

All sound vanished and everything seemed to slow down. Time stretched out exponentially like in a dream.

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