an English translation of the novel

Page 474-475

The blowdogs had swelled up into two giant balls. White warning lines were visible between their fur.

Then, it would explode…so I thought.

A split second before it happened, Satoru halted it with his cantus. One was sucked back into the entrance. The second he couldn’t get to in time. He forcibly crushed the blowdog’s body as it tried to explode. For a fraction of a second, the two opposite forces clashed.

The blowdog rippled strangely as it was grasped by an invisible hand, and imploded.

The outward force of the explosion rebounded in on itself. But then it ricocheted back out again with greater force.

If that second explosion had been repressed too, what would have happened? When a seal is explosively broken, the stronger the seal, the more powerful the explosion. If the explosion had broken the cantus seal, no one would have been left alive.

Fortunately, the image that Satoru had created of a giant hand saved our lives. A jet of energy shot out of the gap between the index finger and thumb.

Around the same time, the second black ball that had been pushed into the nest rocked the air with its explosion and blasted large amounts of dirt from the ceiling.

A split second before the shock reached us, I used all my remaining to push the now-unresponsive Satoru into the ground.

As we waited for everything to settle from the blast, I thought about the look of pleasure on the blowdog’s face before it self-destructed, and irrationally decided that it must have been male.


The nest had become a giant graveyard.

The bodies that the Giant Hornets brought out were covered in extensive wounds. Of course, they were all dead. The blowdog’s bones couldn’t have traveled through the twists and turns in the tunnels, so they must have been killed by the shockwave (from the detonation that was going faster than the speed of sound).

There was a clamor from the excavating soldiers. One of them came running out ecstatically.

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  1. Blow dogs……natures suicidal bombers, lol.

  2. Tiny typoish thing, I think?

    > Then, it it would explode…so I thought.
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