an English translation of the novel

Page 478-479

“Let’s return,” Kiroumaru said, giving rapid orders to the soldiers working below.

The soldiers heaved in unison and flipped the queen onto her back. We saw her stiff face. It was similar to the Robber Fly queen, but much uglier. Her teeth, ten centimeters long each, were bared as if she had died in a fit of anger.

What was even more shocking was her abnormally long torso. There were innumerable nipples for feeding many nestlings at one time. But apart from that, I thought I also saw a large number of feet, like on a hornworm or a minoshiro.

“Why are there so many legs…?” I asked.

“Unthinkable…this is terrible,” Squealer said, “It’s absolutely unforgivable!”

“We already knew the soldiers were completely mutated, yet you’re surprised that the queen is also a mutant?” Kiroumaru said sarcastically.

“Mutant…? But how?”

“The queen can’t be! She’s the one who makes mutants. This queen was mutated by the previous queen who gave birth to her!” Squealer shouted.

“Huh? So…?”

Kiroumaru glared at Squealer, who was beside himself with anger.

Squealer cringed and shut his mouth. “I’m sorry, I cannot explain more.”

Turning toward me, Kiroumaru bowed.

“Why not? I’m a god!”

“I understand. Earlier, you saved my life. I will never forget that until I die. But the Ethics Committee has said that we are not allowed to let young gods know of any knowledge that might harm them.

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  1. sounds ominous ^^
    again, thanks so much for translating :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    The anime compressed it so much I didn’t realize how long the naked mole rat apocalypse arc took in the novel. The anime really cut a lot out!

    Thank you so much again for translating this!


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