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Page 51-52

“Chairman,” Tomiko said, looking up. “What were the results from the scene analysis?”

Everyone’s eyes turned toward Kaburagi Shisei.

“After hearing Satoru Asahina’s story, I visited the battleground yesterday, but unfortunately, it had already been wiped clean of any possible evidence.”

“Wiped clean? What do you mean?”

“The area was doused in some sort of oil-based liquid and set ablaze. Everything was reduced to ashes.”

People began to mutter.

“Doesn’t doing that suggest that they have something to hide…?” Hiromi Torigai said in her quiet voice.


For some reason, Koufuu Hino began to laugh raucously.

“Do you have any ideas what it could be?”

“I have a theory, but as I have no proof, I’d like to present it last,” Shisei Kaburagi said in an unusually solemn voice.

“I doubt they burned the corpses out of sanitation concerns. No doubt they were hiding the method of killing,” my mother said.

Tomiko turned toward her with a motherly look. “That’s something I don’t understand… Recently, queerat technology has been advancing so rapidly that I think they must have some source of information.”

“You mean a false minoshiro?”

“Yes. It’s possible there are still a few Automotive Archives of the National Diet Library around. The queerats could have captured one and extracted its knowledge.”

“If that’s so, then isn’t there a problem with policies we currently have regarding them? Making the subject of the false minoshiro’s existence a taboo is pointless if they still exist. It only serves to postpone dealing with the issue. Have you even made an effort to destroy the remaining ones?” Kaburagi Shisei said sharply.

Although his harsh words weren’t directed at me, they still made me shrink back instinctively.

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